We hold our dogs and the Australian Cattle Dog breed in high regard. As a result, we are extremely particular about their care, environment, social development and training. Learning never stops and our dogs are given every opportunity to sharpen their intelligent minds and condition their bodies. They train and play in a variety of venues.                                                                                                       

  Puppies are produced to provide us with new contenders and only  after many hours of research into pedigrees & bloodlines, (searching for the "right" match as opposed to the number of champions, color or location), health tests and screening on breeding individuals, and numerous other criteria as we strive to preserve breed type and perfect the individual. Consequently potential new homes for our pups are heavily scrutinized.
    Going beyond the normal health care and socialization that puppies should receive; ... The puppies are exposed to early neurological stimulation; our babies are weaned abundantly;They are exposed to many different environments;They are given baby sized agility equipment to develop co-ordination, problem solving skills and confidence. And they have begun life’s lessons with regard to household manners and living with their human counterparts. This is our attempt at ensuring a long happy relationship for our puppies and those that live with them.

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  1. YES;  All of our dogs are rigorously tested for a variety of health and genetic issues. Hips,elbows, hearing and vision are just the tip of the iceberg. Please visit the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and/or the Canine Health Information Center for further information. We can and will provide you with copies of all certification. Puppies are BAER tested at seven weeks of age to confirm hearing status.
  2. NO; We do not dock tails...ever...under any circumstances. Lengthy tail descriptions are in the breed standard.(pun intended) This has never been done in their country of origin and is only an oddity that was promoted in the rural US. Many wives tales exist defending this practice.
  3. YES;  we provide lifetime support to the families chosen for our puppies and dogs. It is also required that should a Hardtack puppy need to be re-homed for ANY reason or at ANY age, that the pup/dog be returned to us.
  4. NO;  We do not breed for minis , chocolates, or "rare" whites etc. These are all deficiencies and considered faults in the breed.  There is no such thing as perfection, but we do our best to adhere to the breed standard and breed type. 
  5. YES;  All of our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club. The only duplicate registry allowed,(other than overseas), is the United Kennel Club. There are many so called registries that will provide "papers" for a fee regardless of the background of the dog. Not only is this discouraged , but doing so will put you in default of our contract.


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