Yes, I am proud of my dogs and jealously guard my breeding program, but I am not the only person capable of producing quality dogs. Please check our national breed club’s website for a list of like-minded individuals who put a priority on breed integrity rather than supplementing their income with puppies.


“I don’t want a show dog…..just a pet”   Of course everyone has a budget unique to them, but please don’t make “price” your number one concern when purchasing a purebred dog. I,(and breeders like me), have poured our heart and soul into every puppy in the litter….show, working or pet!  



High dollar or low dollar - Choose a Breeder and not a price tag! 


A “cheap” dog is often quite expensive in the long run due to health and temperament issues. However, just because a breeder charges a hefty price does not mean that the puppies are above average.

Generally responsible breeders do charge more than craigslist or the neighborhood puppy farm; because they often have more invested in the parents and the litter to begin with. But there are  some people who charge very high prices for their very average puppies simply because they can and someone will pay it!  Ask questions, visit the breeders facilities, and pay attention to those "little red flags".


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YES; All of our dogs are rigorously tested for a variety of health and genetic issues. Hips,elbows, hearing and vision are just the tip of the iceberg. Please visit the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and/or the Canine Health Information Center for further information. We can and will provide you with copies of all certification. Puppies are BAER tested at seven weeks of age to confirm hearing status.
NO; We do not dock tails...ever...under any circumstances. Lengthy tail descriptions are in the breed standard.(pun intended) This has never been done in their country of origin and is only an oddity that was promoted in the rural US. Many wives tales exist defending this practice.
YES; we provide lifetime support to the families chosen for our puppies and dogs. It is also required that should a Hardtack puppy need to be re-homed for ANY reason or at ANY age, that the pup/dog be returned to us.
NO; We do not breed for minis , chocolates, or "rare" whites etc. These are all deficiencies and considered faults in the breed. There is no such thing as perfection, but we do our best to adhere to the breed standard and stay true to breed type. 

YES; All of our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club. The only duplicate registry allowed,(other than overseas), is the United Kennel Club. There are many so called registries that will provide "papers" for a fee regardless of the background of the dog. Not only is this discouraged , but doing so will put you in default of our contract


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